General Practice

My name is John M O'Dowd Jr. and I have been practicing law in Staten Island, New York, for over 30 years. I have a very personal relationship with all of my clients, and my goal is to assess problems and help you reach a solution that best meets you needs. I want you to understand the legal system so you can avoid making mistakes which would jeopardize your future.

Areas Of Law That We Practice

The areas of practice I provide include:

I am here to answer any questions you may have about my practice or services. Whatever your legal needs, I can provide you with strong representation and find a solution for your legal matters. If your legal needs do not encompass my areas of practice, I can refer you to excellent counsel in all fields of law.

Experienced Personal Injury Representation

I do everything possible to maximize the amount of compensation you receive when injuries occur due to the negligence of others. I understand the personal injury process in New York courts, and I am particularly familiar with the manner cases are tried in and around Staten Island.

I routinely handle car accident claims, construction accident injuries, and slip-and-fall mishaps. I know how to negotiate with insurance companies and defense lawyers. Though most personal injury cases never go to court, I am always prepared to go to trial. Because of my reputation as a litigator, insurance companies become increasingly willing to settle your case in a just manner. As we take your case on in a contingency fee fashion, we will charge no fee without recovery.

How To Reach My Staten Island Firm

To learn more about the services I provide or to answer your legal questions , contact John M. O'Dowd Jr., Attorney At Law, today at 718-530-0129, or browse the website for more information about personal injury or to learn more about our law firm.